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NOTE: Parents/Players - In order for your players Photo Profile to be added to the site, a coach must first confirm the juggle count, and answers to the Mini Profile questions below must be provided. Please send complete information to web master, Lee Ann Blascovich, by email at:" or by text, to: 717 706-5216

Level 250-499 juggles PHOTO PROFILE
Bryson Sunho
271 consecutive juggles
Team – 2003/2004B
Position: Sweeper/Keeper/Libero
What age did you start juggling? 8
Favorite Soccer Team? FC Bayern München
Favorite Soccer Player? Thomas Müller
Dream? To play in the Bündesliga
Shaw Masson
330 consecutive juggles
Team – 2004/2005B
Position – Sweeper
What age did you start juggling? 7
Favorite Soccer Team? Philly Union
Favorite Soccer Player? Neymar
Dream? Be a professional soccer player