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Spring/Summer Training

Forms and Paperwork required to join or continue playing for SuperNovaFC

2015-16 Medical Release - This form must be completed once per calendar year for each player.

2015-16 RG6 - This form is for use in EPYSL leagues. All PRIMARY players need to complete this form.

2015-16 PS-1 - PS-1 Player Status Form - This form must be completed when being added to or transferring to a team, or becoming a SECONDARY player for a team, or when being released from a team. This form also applies to ADDITIONAL players that are added once initial paperwork for a team has been submitted.

Please note that a player can not play for a new team, until a PS1 form, with the relese section completed, has been submitted to CPYSL league.

2015-16 Coaching Agreement - Coaching Agreement - This payment agreement is between SuperNova and the player, it details the financial obligations related to coaching fees and is signed once per year. EVERY player must complete this form. If there is a discount for training, please note it on the contract.

ALL training fees willb e collected by the team manager and turned in to the club registrar who will document payments and turn them over to Niki. Payments will be yearly, the months payments are due (see agreement), or monthly if Niki ok's it.

Parent Athlete Concussion Form - This form is required by EPYSL. All parents and players need to read this document and complete the form. Please return only the SIGNATURE page.
Code of Conduct Form - EVERY player and parent signs this form. This form is turned in to the club.
Waiver of Liability - EVERY particpent signs or has this form signed by parent/guardian. This form is turned in to the club.

Birth Certificate & small size Photo- A copy of the players birth certificate is required whenever a NEW player joins the team as either a primary or secondary player, or when transferring to the team.

A small sized, recent photograph is also required YEARLY, to be used in the player pass card which validates each players credentials to particpate in league games.

Completed forms, paperwork and photo, are to be given to the team manager, who will then provide them to our registrar, who will forward them to CPYSL.

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